A centralized approach to manage your community

We are committed to helping communities thrive by keeping your staff productive and residents healthy while maximizing your care revenue

Simple, Streamlined Solution to Drive Smarter Decision-making


We deploy our system on-site

No installation headaches. Zero wearables.


We capture data and identify areas for improvement

Compliant and privacy-protected.


We audit and uncover changes to support optimal care

Passively collected, continuously.


We provide insights to inform decisions on safety, staff, and revenue

Intuitive, irresistible data, configurable how you want.

Revenue Enhancement

Don’t Let Revenue Leakage Get You Down

We know it’s not straight forward to bill for accurate care levels. Our platform monitors and validates that hours are precise and appropriate.

Confirm planned and delivered care hours are an exact match

Recognize and reconcile services, with no delays
Improve billing accuracy
Identify gaps in staff documentation

Drive care revenue, with confidence

View condition changes quickly, with EHR integration
Monitor care plans with objective data
Capture more revenue from hours delivered
30% reduction in revenue leakage
Workforce Optimization

Save Hours of Time and Maximize Your Staff

Balancing your workforce takes careful coordination of many parts. That’s why we support clinicians to be efficient and productive, at every step.

35% increase in staffing efficiencies gained from Inspiren’s virtual safety checks

Staff appropriately, for appropriate care

  • EAnalyze workforce utilization
  • EReallocate staff resources and adjust workflows
  • EPrioritize resident rounding and assessments, ahead of time

Help your clinicians focus on care, not tasks

  • EAdd an extra layer oversight with virtual checks
  • EEstablish rapid protocols
  • EMinimize administrative pressure and prevent burnout

Resident Safety

Make Stronger, More Proactive Care Decisions

Our technology tracks care activity to notice changes, spot trends, and deliver insights, for every step of resident care.

Decrease falls with hospitalization by more than 60% with Inspiren

Inspiren's AUGi platform and AI supports senior care

Intervene faster with real-time triage alerts

  • EDetect events with 95% accuracy, in advance
  • EReview events with de-identified playback
  • EAutomate incident reporting
Inspiren's AUGi platform and AI supports senior care

Meet unique resident needs,

and manage over time

  • ESee behavior changes on daily, weekly, or monthly basis
  • EAddress the most-pressing clinical risks
  • EControl and improve care plans when needed
Results / By The Numbers

Why Inspiren? Higher Occupancy, Lower Avoidable Turnover


Increase in care revenue from care plan accuracy


Staff efficiency gained from virtual safety checks

savings from avoidable turnover for a 100-bed facility

*includes all turnover costs

Care Teams Rely on Inspiren, at Every Step