Harmonize Every Step of Resident Care

Inspiren is the single, streamlined solution to manage and optimize community operations, capturing insights on everything from staffing utilization to care plan accuracy and resident health.

Forge the Path to Seamless Community Operations


Return focus to delivering the highest standard of resident care with burden-free documentation and our privacy-first hybrid sensor


Achieve greater efficiency with increased visibility into safety, care levels and staff

Triage your most important needs while accelerating speed to care
Analyze care plans, review care events and provide proactive care

Hear from Thriving Communities, Powered by Inspiren

One Integrated Solution.

Modern, Connected and Cohesive

Know Your Bottom Line

We know it’s not simple or straightforward to track care levels. We monitor, compare, and validate to check hours are accurate and billing is appropriate.

  • ECare visit analytics
  • E Caregiver engagement analytics
  • EResident interaction log
  • EEvent review analyzer

Maximize Your Staff

Balancing your workforce takes careful coordination of many parts. That's why we support clinicians to be efficient and productive, at every step.

  • EVirtual safety checks
  • EAutomated compliance
  • EComprehensive staff workflows

Take Charge with Proactive Decisions

Keeping residents healthy is easier with Inspiren’s clinical analytics. Quick insights, critical care decisions, made clear.

  • EEarly risk-flagging alerts
  • EReal-time incident alerts
  • EAggregated behavioral trends

Our Solution

Meet AUGi, Your Resident Care Companion

Built by clinicians, for care teams. Our technology tracks care activity to notice changes, send rapid alerts, and spot trends. Less tasks, more time, always at your fingertips.

HIPAA Compliant

Automated Voice

Virtual Safety Checks

Hybrid Sensing

Mobile-First App

30-Minute Install

Our Company

How We Got Started

Inspiren was not conceived from the boardroom, but from our experience at the bedside. As front-line caregivers, we embarked on a journey to eliminate preventable harm to patients and deliver smarter care, on every wall.


Keeping Residents Healthy and Staff Productive is Easy with Inspiren


The Heart Behind Inspiren: Nurse-Led Innovation in Senior Care

This article profiles Mike Wang, Inspiren's founder and Chief Clinical Officer. Mike discusses his path from nursing to technology, and the value of clinician-led innovation in health care. Read on for a behind-the-scenes look at the founding of Inspiren and its role in reshaping the landscape of senior care.

Inspiren founder Mike Wang showcasing and AUGi device