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Meet AUGi – an advanced hybrid sensing technology and powerful AI that keeps residents safe, helping caregivers focus on what matters most

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Decrease in


Increase in
Safety Protocol Compliance



How AUGi Augments

The Care Team

AUGi passively monitors the care environment providing insight at the point of care in real time


Staff are notified in real-time of resident safety risks

Care Team Workload

A suite of tools to streamline caregiver workflow, saving valuable time and energy

Care Planning

Real-time resident and staff insights to intelligently create your plan of care

AUGi Platform Enables a Zero Harm Ecosystem


Mobile access

AI Alerts

Prioritized Rounding


Audible Messages

Mobile or Web Live View

Manual Care Team Alerts


Web Event Review

Mobile Historical Alerts

Care Analytics

How Does it Work?

AUGi, the All-In-One Device

AUGi is a singular hybrid sensing device that installs in a resident room in seconds and uses AI to capture data on the digital and physical care environment. Your resident care assistant that never gets tired.

Multi-Sensing Capabilities

The intricately designed device uses Computer Vision, BLE, mmWave, and Two-Way Voice to synthesize the digital and physical care environment.

AI That’s Always

Edge computing on device enables custom AI algorithms to detect events in real-time, while machine learning continuously trains models improving performance.

Harmonize the

APIs enable transfer of EHR data to automate caregiver tasks within the app and integrate with Nurse Call, Smart Bed, RTLS, Patient Entertainment for a thoughtful ecosystem.

The Power of Data

For the first time, clinically-significant data from the resident environment is analyzed, aggregated, and made available at the point of care in real-time

What Our Customers are Saying

Case Studies

The Valley Hospital

A Magnet designated hospital in NJ aimed to use advanced technology to augment the nursing staff in a post-Covid-19 era and…


Decrease in Unassisted Patient Falls


Decrease in Falls with Injury

Massachusetts General Hospital

A Top 5 Hospital in the US seeked to deploy an innovative, scalable, and automated monitoring solution to improve patient outcomes…


Decrease in Falls with Injury

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What is Inspiren?

Inspiren is a healthcare technology company that specializes in using AI-powered solutions to improve outcomes and facility operations. Our flagship product, AUGi, is revolutionizing the way front-line clinicians deliver care.

What is AUGi?

AUGi is an award-winning intelligent patient-care platform that empowers caregivers to maximize their potential. The AUGi device is a singular hybrid sensing device that uses AI to capture data on the resident’s environment and alert caregivers in real time to safety risks. 

What sets Inspiren apart from other healthcare technology companies?

Inspiren’s AI-powered solutions are designed to be user-friendly and integrate seamlessly with existing healthcare systems. It is the one platform that enables a host of solutions all powered by the advanced AUGi hardware device and AI infrastructure.

How is the AUGi Device installed?

The AUGi device is installed on the footwall of the resident room in just a few minutes with only a baseplate and a few screws. There is no disruption to resident care and no need to move residents or close rooms. The device clips into the baseplate, and once it is plugged in, the device is immediately up and running.

How is the AUGi Device powered?

The AUGi device can be powered by Power Over Ethernet (POE) or by plugging into a standard power outlet. The device connects securely to your facility WiFi network.

Where can AUGi be deployed?

The AUGi solution has proven value across the continuum of care in acute care, post-acute, skilled nursing, and assisted living. It is the one solution that you need for all of your care settings.

How does Inspiren ensure privacy and security?

The AUGi solution does not store any clear images of the patient environment and everything is de-identified to protect resident privacy. Inspiren takes several measures to ensure the privacy and security of data, including data encryption, secure access controls, and compliance with regulatory standards.

Has AUGi been used successfully to improve resident outcomes?

AUGi has been used by multiple facilities across various care settings with impactful results in improving resident safety and reducing staff burden. You can read our case studies here.

How does AI-powered monitoring work?

Inspiren’s AI-powered resident monitoring uses advanced sensors and computer vision algorithms to continuously monitor residents’ behaviors and generate AI safety alerts at the point of care and in real-time.

How can I get in touch with Inspiren?

You can contact us by filling out the contact form on our website or by emailing us directly at info@inspiren.com

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