Case Study: Palm Garden Health – An AI Patient Assistant with a Human Touch

May 3, 2023


Between 50% and 75% of nursing home residents fall each year according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Even with skilled nurses on staff, patient fall prevention proves to be a persistent issue among post-acute healthcare providers due to ongoing staffing shortages.

Palm Garden‘s Director of Clinical Services, Jessica Eden, emphasized that “every clinical setting is always looking for interventions for patient safety, and part of that is reducing patient falls.”

Palm Garden needed help to achieve their goal of providing safer care to their aging residents without compromising privacy.


In June 2021, Inspiren launched the AUGi platform at the facility complete with AUGi Basestations, Smart Lanyards, Mobile App, and Tableau analytics. Inspiren crafted training programs and closely supported the staff to gain value from the Inspiren’s solution on day one.



Reduction in

  • Reduction in Falls: Staff achieved an 80% reduction in resident falls. Customized AI alerts adjusted to each resident’s needs increased the staff’s efficiency in timely interventions to prevent patient falls.
  • Staff Support: With de-identified mobile Live View staff could institute remote sitter workflows to monitor high risk residents from the nurses station without needing additional FTEs.
  • Risk Management: AUGi Event Review provided full visibility to events and facilitated training to further strengthen patient fall prevention protocols.

“We have to have 25 one-on-one staff to monitor my patients. AUGi is that one-on-one service.”


Kala Fuhrmann
Executive Director, Palm Garden

Palm Garden Health

June 2021

200+ employees

“AUGi is live and
in the moment…”

Jessica Eden
Director of Clinical Services

Deliver more personal, intelligent and timely care