Your Patient, Resident, or Staff Tested COVID Positive…Now What?

There is universal consensus on the importance of contact tracing to protect residents, patients, and staff in acute care and senior living facilities, but there is a wide and growing chasm on how contact tracing actually happens.  That chasm has paper sign-in sheets on one side, and dated, expensive, technology on the other. 

Over 90% of nursing homes are using paper sign-in sheets or excel to document who is entering their facility. Most hospitals are digging through their EHR systems to identify patient/staff interactions to determine the staff members and patients who may be at risk. 

In the event that someone tests positive for COVID-19, manual retrieval of information and subsequent guesswork ensues to determine interactions of staff, patient, and visitor interactions. This is time consuming and resource intensive. As an alternative, the most lucrative facilities pay millions and wait months to install hardware within patient rooms that require major infrastructure change and disrupt clinical care. Staff are then asked to wear bulky badges in hopes of capturing staff location data that is ultimately difficult to analyze and understand.

As we move into a post-pandemic world, selecting technologies that act as a “force multiplier” for clinical staff and administrators will be essential for providing optimal care. Ambient technologies that effortlessly capture bed-level clinical and environmental data will fill the existing chasm and give healthcare organizations the ability to solve multiple patient safety and clinical efficiency problems with one platform. The days of siloed, single use-case solutions are over. 

Inspiren’s Computer vision platform AUGi provides instant data on all bed-level interactions: who, when, how long, how close, and whether or not PPE was worn. The platform provides out-of-the-box Tableau powered contract tracing reports that give immediate insight into staff and patient risk. In addition to contract tracing, AUGi provides robust fall prevention, protocol compliance adherence, and behavioral data capture capabilities that have helped healthcare organizations improve patient safety and increase staff efficiency.

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