Survey shows patient acquisition and staff morale can improve with the implementation of digital tools

May 3, 2023

Recently Inspiren, in partnership with Osmond Marketing, the Association of Skilled Nursing Providers (ASNP), and conducted a survey to get a better understanding of the type of challenges healthcare providers are facing, and how they engage with technology to solve challenges. 

The survey collected over 100 responses from registered nurses, licensed practitioner nurses, certified nurse assistants, administrators, operations executives, and nurse managers from skilled nursing facilities, hospitals and other healthcare facilities across the United States. 

This study confirmed the hypothesis that most healthcare professionals understand the benefits of implementing new technology, like that used by devices like Inspiren’s AUGi, which can help save time and increase efficiency. The study also suggests that there is a significant opportunity to improve patient acquisition with digital tools, as some respondents have indicated that they are receiving a high volume of leads from these channels.

Survey highlights:

  • When asked to share their level of concern regarding challenges like staff turnover, COVID, Staff/patient ratio etc specifically related to resourcing, the highest concern was staff turnover (23%), followed by COVID (19%), and then staff/patient ratios (14%, with 21% citing it as ‘high concern’)
  • Moving to the level of concern regarding their organization’s ability to address these challenges with their current solutions and processes showed that employees are most concerned about dealing with the ebb & flow of staff morale (14% ranked it as the ‘highest concern’)
  • Respondents were also asked to express their concern about their organization’s ability to address challenges like patient falls, infection control, remote monitoring, protocol compliance etc, which can directly affect a resident’s safety and staff’s overall work environment.  As expected, infection control topped that list (48% listed it as a high or the highest concern), followed by patient falls (38%) and protocol compliance adherence (36%).

The research shows that the greatest concerns of healthcare professionals are staff morale, employee turnover, and infection control. Low morale not only impacts healthcare professionals’ ability to provide the best care possible, but it can also lead to high turnover rates. While COVID-19 has certainly played a role in staff morale and regular turnover, high turnover rates have affected the long-term care industry long before the pandemic. 

According to Gallup, the cost of replacing an employee can be up to two times the employee’s annual salary. This means that prioritizing staff satisfaction could not only improve care but also help facilities save and invest money in addressing their most significant challenges, like driving digital transformation and improving their processes. 

Inspiren’s AUGi has not only proven to increase patient satisfaction, but it also helps boost morale by recognizing and rewarding staff based on actual clinical activity automatically captured within the platform.

The research also explores how organizations manage clinical protocols and new patient leads. To learn more, please fill out the request form and we will send you the survey in its entirety.

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