Infection Control & Prevention

Infectious Disease Management

protecting patients and
safeguarding staff

Continuous Ambient Monitoring that Prevents and Controls Infectious Diseases

Measure Infection Protocol Compliance
Quickly Identify Staff and Patient Exposure Risk
Reduce Patient Visits with Remote Visitation

One Device,
Simple Installation

Installs in seconds within patient rooms and other clinical environments. It does not require any physical infrastructure change and has zero disruption to patients and staff workflow.

Contact Tracing

Inspiren provides accurate bed level interaction traceability of staff and visitors. Clinical staff and managers can quickly identify staff who visited infected patients and uncover the duration, proximity and physicality of those interactions along with a visual map of other beds that staff has visited.

Remote visitation

Minimize unnecessary patient contact through live on-demand, de-identified computer vision surveillance to quickly observe the patient and determine if assistance is needed. A view of the patient is displayed at the nursing station on-demand or when dangerous clinical events are identified.

Video Audio Monitoring
Terminal Cleaning

Terminal Cleaning Status

Quickly identify rooms and beds that require cleaning or thorough disinfection. Inspiren’s technology can identify when environmental staff have entered clinical areas and how much time was spent disinfecting in that area.