Elderly Care

360º View

of resident behavior and care

the most advanced guardian for the safety and happiness of the elderly

Understand Resident Behavior
Intervene to Keep Residents Safe at the Most Critical Moments
Improve Staff Resident Care Delivery
Protect the Privacy and Dignity of Residents

Personalized Care

Capture De-identified Resident Behavioral Data

Understanding how residents behave in individual living quarters can uncover insights into the effectiveness of current care plans
The platform can help uncover sleep patterns, bathroom visit frequency, mobility quality, and general room activity through computer vision and IoT sensing.

Resident Safety
& Security

Bed Exit Notifications

Automatically notify caretakers when low mobility residents are at risk of existing their bed so action can be taken.

Monitor Resident Visitation

Keep track of visitors and care providers coming in and out of the elderly patient’s space. This offers an added layer of internal security by providing proof of care.

Modernize the Nurse Call System

Inspiren’s IoT Smart Call Bell Adapter seamlessly integrates with existing call bell systems. It provides automatic call bell alerts to staffs’ mobile devices when residents request assistance through the existing call bell system.

Intelligent Analytics
For Elderly CARE

Inspiren’s proprietary analytics engine translates complex behavioral data into meaningful insights and delivers those insights through intuitive, customizable, scalable, and user-friendly dashboards

Insight into individual resident behavioral trends allows care teams to uncover safety risks and determine the right care plan for residents
Benchmark staff behavior, implement change through training, and measure results over time