Installation & Testing

Inspiren obsesses over seamless installation within your healthcare environment. Our main goal is to install the revolutionary technology quickly to get your organization benefiting from the vast capabilities. We leverage our low footprint installation techniques to minimize disruption to clinical workflows or patient care. The Base Station devices can be installed in just minutes per bed with no infrastructure changes, and our iterative deployment process runs automated testing on each Base Station for an industrialized approach.

Training & Change Management

We understand your organization is saving and enhancing lives everyday, so we design a shared change management journey that enables rapid adoption of the platform to keep staff focused on what matters most. Our tools are simple to use, and our intuitive product content will make your technology deployment seem even simpler. We take the time to understand your workforce, processes, and user groups, and deliver training curriculum specific to your organization.

Customer Services & Support

We ensure all of our products are integrated into our state of the art diagnostic and monitoring command center to provide complete visibility for the ultimate proactive system support. Inspiren offers tiered service models to accommodate any organization and direct customer channels for immediate support. Our Clinical Success Team empowers leadership and managers with intelligent reporting across all clinical metrics for a complete view of real time and historic trends.

Clinical Performance Improvement

Our technology enables hospitals and nursing facilities to measure how staff interact with patients in a way that has never been possible before. Inspiren’s clinical experts are ready to help your organization unlock the full potential of your staff using our revolutionary data as the foundation. We take a consultative approach and analyze industry benchmarks such as HCAHPS domain scores compared to your monthly or quarterly performance at a unit, floor, or enterprise level. Then, we develop performance improvement initiatives leveraging our tools to propel your organization forward into exceptional quality of care so you can sustain a culture that embraces safety, engagement, and positive feedback.