Report: The Future of AI and Older Adults

May 23, 2023

Patient care and outcomes

Age-related industries have begun to see an opportunity for AI assistance in caring for residents, with more automated check-ins, improved staff management, and fall avoidance. Researchers at multiple universities have also been ramping up AI and Aging initiatives funded by the National Institute on Aging and the National Science Foundation.

More sensor-based applications for detecting motion and change have been emerging. Predictive analytics are now becoming meaningful in health and senior care for questions like how a community is performing or whether more care workers may be needed in specific circumstances. In the future, AI in the home is likely to become part of a ‘wellbeing’ infrastructure that is incorporated into new home design and home remodeling.

Laurie M. Orlov, Principal Analyst, Aging and Health Technology Watch recently published a report that looks at the fast-evolving technology and market space that can be of benefit to older adults.

Michael Wang, Founder of Inspiren has contributed to this report. He shares, “Our vision for the future includes reduction of manual, repetitive labor, and an overall reduction in unnecessary physical effort of caregivers, trackable in improved morale.”.

Inspiren’s AUGi is a key feature in the report as it is a wall-mounted system that uses AI and video to predict falls for older adults in senior care or hospitals.

“With ambient AI in the room, you can tell that this person is on the floor and thus shrink response time, even doing proactive saves of vulnerable residents. It is like having an extra team member with eyes on the resident.” – Brian Geyser, Maplewood Senior Living

You can find the report published by Aging and Health Technology Watch here.