“Inspiren Reduces Patient Vulnerability with New Technology” — LSN Global

In a bid to combat patient neglect, health start-up Inspiren has launched a smart device that uses computer vision, deep learning and body movement recognition to monitor medical environments.

The patient care assistant, iN, detects staff presence and assesses environmental safety risks while collecting individual patient data from medical devices such as vitals monitors and ventilators. Mounted to a nearby wall, the device communicates with medical staff using four colours: a blue signal indicates staff presence or shows the device is in use, a purple light suggests there may be a whole care team present, a green signal indicates a safe care environment, and an orange light alerts staff when the patient is uncomfortable or stressed and action is required.

At present, iN is being implemented and deployed at a hospital in Queens, New York – successfully providing a 360-degree view of patient care. For more on the impact of technology on the healthcare system, read our latest macrotrend Certified Wellness.

Article by Livvy Houghton.

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