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‘Become an expert in at least two’ of the forces transforming healthcare.

Paul Coyne says it’s vital for young people to “think about the broader picture of the forces that are at play” in the industry — and become an expert in at least two of them. That includes tech area of healthcare like IT, analytics and patient’s electronic health records.

Coyne, 33, is speaking from experience. A registered nurse who also leads a team of about 60 at the Hospital for Special Surgery, Coyne also oversees the hospital’s data science efforts around nursing and co-founded a health-tech startup called Inspiren.

In such a complex sector, “an understanding of all those is needed to really change and transform it,” he said. “And I think it’s very difficult to piece it all together, and everyone I think is looking at their own little part of it.”

Transcending that, Coyne said, takes a lot of time, as well as humility.

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