A Journey of Inspiration – Dr Paul Coyne and Inspiren

At age 26, Paul Coyne had to leave Goldman Sachs because of the residual of the stroke that happened to him. Undeterred, Paul returned to school to prove that despite a challenging stroke recovery and a congenital heart disease, he is still capable of great success. In the next 4-years, Paul obtained 5 degrees including a Doctorate from Columbia University School of Nursing as well as an MBA in Healthcare Management and a MS, Finance from Northeastern University. In addition, with his friend Michael Wang, Paul launched Inspiren, which is rapidly gaining traction in the medical world, leveraging Artificial Intelligence to revolutionize the nursing process. Today, Dr. Coyne is a board-certified nurse practitioner in Adult-Gerontology with sub-specialty in palliative care and his writings on end-of-life care have been published in academic journals. Columbia named him one of 9 great graduates of their entire university of 2016 upon completion of his doctorate. Listen to his remarkable story and get to know Dr Coyne.